CIO from IDG | 8 essential roles for a successful digital transformation

“CIOs scouring the earth to fill technical roles are likely ignoring the “medium digital” skills required to round out their digital transformations. Here are the lesser-known digital roles CIOs should target.

Hiring enough software engineers, DevOps managers, cloud computing specialists and other roles required to facilitate IT transformations remain tall tasks for CIOs. But the talent crunch isn’t limited to those with coding skills and algorithmic thinking: Enterprises are also struggling to hire staff with soft skills who can help shape the user experience around digital services.

For a digital transformation to be successful, companies need storytellers, UX designers


product managers, among other roles.

These skill

sets help round out the human experience required to support emerging digital services. And these roles will only become more important as organizations increasingly lean on artificial intelligence and other technologies in which humans and machines must augment each other, says Paul Daugherty, CTO and chief innovation officer at Accenture.

“We need more coders,” Daugherty says. “However, five years from now, we won’t be worried about coders, but the lack of people with soft skills. We’re short on people who can understand the human experience.”

Daughtery, who tackles the need for organizations to beef up on what he calls “missing middle” digital skills in a new book, Human +  Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI, says enterprises require a rethinking of how to leverage people and technology.