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B!t Magazine: Accenture launches artificial intelligence manual

The real power of artificial intelligence (AI) allows leaders to reimagine and transform their organizations through man-machine collaboration.

The real power of artificial intelligence (AI) allows leaders to reimagine and transform their organizations through human-machine collaboration, which will ultimately reshape companies and industries, according to two Accenture experts who sign the book “Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI, “which has been available since March 20.

The new management manual discusses how artificial intelligence provides companies with the power to rethink and transform their processes – whether in terms of revolutionary innovation, customer service or personal productivity. The book details how, in re-creating business processes, companies are using the new AI rules to advance innovation and profitability.

A co-author of Paul Daugherty, Accenture’s Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, and Jim Wilson, Managing Director of Information Technology and Business Research at Accenture Research, “Human + Machine,” was published by the Harvard Business Review Press and has been available since the 20th of March.

Based on the authors’ experience and quantitative and qualitative research with 1,500 organizations, the book “Human + Machine” demystifies the widespread misconception that artificial intelligence systems will replace humans, sector by sector. The authors demonstrate that while some functions may be replaced with AI being implemented to automate certain tasks, the true power of technology will be to increase human capabilities.

“Our research shows that to fully harness the power of AI, business leaders must change the relationship between employees and machines to create a wave of ‘collaborative intelligence,'” said Paul Daugherty. “In other words, artificial intelligence will not create ‘artificial’ superhumans – but use technology to give humans superpowers, equipping them with new skills and abilities, so they can get more and learn faster.”

“The unprecedented power of AI to transform business is creating an urgent and growing challenge,” said Jim Wilson. “To help leaders reinvent processes and gain maximum benefit from the power of AI by increasing human capacity, we have developed what we call the ‘MELDS’ framework, with five fundamental principles needed to become an AI-powered business: Mindset, Enterprise, Leadership, Data and Skills. Innovative companies can leverage this structure to take advantage of the ‘third wave’ and harness the collaborations between the machine and the Man through AI technology. ”

“Human + Machine” explains how the increase in AI is reshaping business processes into three categories of human-machine interaction in the “missing middle”: amplification, in which AI agents provide people with data-driven insights, often using real-time data; interaction, where AI agents employ advanced interfaces, such as voice-oriented language processing; and embodiment, in which AI agents work in conjunction with sensors, motors, and actuators that allow robots to share the workspace with humans and engage in physically collaborative work.

Source: B!T Magazine (Portugal)