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KRIV 03/31/2018 06:36:47 AM: …>> you’re on my friend’s list now. >> yeah. i read that wrong. >> one of the statements she read to me is she liked my job and was coming for my job next. >> paul daugherty is an innovation office and author of this the new book “human and machine.” he says a.i. is the biggest trend in business to come in many years and that’s how companies are competing. >> we believe it was transform business and society like electricity and other fundamental revolutions that we’ve seen. >> tech titans like apple, amazon and facebook are all companies weaving their way into our every day lives. the recent focus on how your personal information is shared will have an impact on how every company develops products. >> what is the right way to use data that provides the right accountability and fairness and honesty too use information in the right way to avoid bias and discrimination. this is the canary in the coal man of how we deal with those issues. >> so what does that mean for jobs? companies could see a major boost in revenue by training employees in artificial intelligence and machine collaboration. >> we don’t believe in this end of work, end of jobs issues. some solve the jobs are like sustainers and trainers. they deal with the different aspects of a.i. >> hillary vaughn, fox business. >> we’re still waiting to see if …

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